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Your Service Drive Warranty Department

Would you like to dramatically increase revenue and client retention? Having a dedicated warranty specialist will increase dealership income between $30,000-$80,000+ per month.

Often, when clients call a dealership to purchase an extended warranty, they are transferred to the Finance Department. If they speak with the finance manager, rarely does the client name and number get taken for follow-up, as finance managers are very busy working current and new deals (along with paperwork and stipulations). More often, the potential client goes to voicemail, leaves their name and phone number, and do not receive a call back.

There is enormous opportunity to add additional revenue from service drive contract sales, not to mention the retention in service and parts. Building your customer base can only lead to all types of new opportunities, including more vehicle sales. We suggest only the finest service drive programs in the industry, or we assist you in maximizing your existing program to its highest potential.

How We Help You

PDS will implement a dedicated department specializing in a service drive warranty and accessory sales program, while providing you with a trained specialist to ensure top performance. We introduce dealers to reputable, long-standing service contract providers who are fully insured and easy to work with while processing claims. Your new department will capture previously missed opportunities to increase revenue, with a large focus on CSI. Stop leaving money on the table! Let us help you develop this dual-function department with guaranteed success and a dedicated expert on-site.