Industry Facts

Boost Your Bottom Line - Take Your Dealership to the Next Level!

Accessorizing Adds Sizzle to Your Showroom
Bring the excitement of vehicle personalization to your dealership. By consistently featuring restyled vehicles, you'll pique customer interest and boost traffic all year long. The more traffic you bring in, the more vehicles your customers drive out—and the more your profits add up!
Accessorizing Speeds Inventory Turns
Inventory turns are central to improved profit ratios. Restyled vehicles—be they dressed with graphics, a sunroof, custom wheels and tires, chrome add-ons, side steps, grilles or interior upgrades, such as leather seating and mobile electronics—are customer-pleasing, attention-getters that generate faster sales for greater profit.

Accessorizing Creates Dealership Distinction
If you sell only stock vehicles, you're watching money drive away. Stylized vehicles, showcased in outdoor displays, the showroom or service drive, build a strong dealership identity and appeal to image-conscious consumers. That's because motorists stop and spend at dealerships that prominently display accessorized vehicles.

Accessorizing Stimulates Impulse Purchases
You can bet on it. When the casual shopper singles out the "right one," chances are it'll be a restyled gem that stands tall on the showroom floor. That's all it takes to grab the customer's attention and spur him or her into buying action.
Accessorizing Delivers Hot, New Markets
Your customers want vehicles that stand out from the crowd. Vehicles that express their personal image and lifestyle—and are more fun to drive. Attention-getting vehicles that give dealers a competitive edge, attract new buyers of all ages and build brand loyalty for years to come.
Accessorizing Gives Your Dealership a Competitive Edge Outmaneuver the competition. One-of-a-kind, special-edition models can't be shopped at other stores. Restyled vehicles transform in-stock units into exciting new models and turn entry-level vehicles into lower cost, upscale look-a likes-a surefire way to maximize your grosses, position your dealership as a market leader and gain a critical edge over the competition.

Accessorizing Increases Customer Satisfaction
Style. Performance. Comfort. Convenience. Excitement. That's what your customers experience when they purchase or lease an accessorized car, truck, hybrid or crossover. By making your vehicles unique, you enhance your customers' ownership and driving experience. A surefire way to bring in new customers and build repeat business.
Accessorizing Jump-Starts Sales and Profits
Customizing is the cornerstone to building high-margin profit centers throughout your dealership, from F&I and fixed operations to the new- and used-car departments and Internet sales. When you consistently feature accessorized vehicles, floor traffic will increase, generating more sales and gross profit. Which is precisely where you want to be.