Who We Are
At Pacific Dealership Services (PDS) we are the industry's leader at creating accessory and service drive warranty success for auto dealerships and dealership groups. As members of SEMA, our program is proven and backed by over 2 decades of experience and professional success. Pacific Dealership Services offers you a seamless solution to implement and maintain a thriving accessory/warranty program that will allow your company to increase monthly revenue by $30,000 to $80,000+.

What We Do

The accessory business alone is a $40 billion dollar industry, virtually untapped by new car dealerships. When designed properly, and staffed with a knowledgeable accessory/warranty professional and dedicated department, you can expect to add thousands of dollars of monthly revenue on a consistent basis, while offering, CSI-friendly service to your clients. You will be provided with a trained and dedicated professional employee who will implement a custom-designed accessory/warranty department specially tailored for your facility. As our client, you will have access to a variety of outstanding warranty products to consider, as well as the most compatible accessories on the market to compliment your franchise lines and customer demographics.